Why You Need Labradoodles?

Dogs are not just man’s best friend, but a companion for many. They are fiercely loyal and will do anything to ensure that their owner is happy. It’s fun to have dogs around. After all, they are just like family. If you are looking for a breed of dogs, that is friendly and the ultimate buddy, then the labradoodle is the breed that you need.

What is a Labradoodle?

The origins of labradoodle relate to Australia, when, in 1988 it was first known.  It is a crossbreed dog that had been created by crossing the Miniature, Medium, Standard Poodle and the Labrador retriever. However, the term had first appeared in the year 1955. It wasn’t popular in the beginning. One of the qualities of a Labradoodle is the fact that most are hypoallergenic. It is an appreciated and sought after quality for the crossbreed. 


One would immediately recognize a Labradoodle for sale. They are brown with a coat that looks like fleece. Their appearance varies from one crossbreed to another. It is recognized by the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia in Victoria.

The Labradoodle have three different types of coats that consist of hair, fleece or wool. The majority of Australian Labradoodles have fleece coats that are wavy or either straight. It is only the early generation of Labradoodles that had hair and wool coats.

The colors of the Labradoodles’ coat are normally café, chocolate, cream, parchment, apricot, gold, black, red, chalk, silver, blue and lavender. The patterns of the coat can be white, solid, phantom and tri-colored. The Labradoodles in general have a coat-colored just like a poodle.

The size of the Labradoodle varies from one breed to another. It depends entirely on the size of the poodle that had been used for the crossbreeding process.

Ultimate Guide Dog

The poodle’s low-shedding coat was combined with the trainability and gentleness of the Labrador retriever as intended by Conron. It is the perfect guide dog for many, especially for people who have allergies to dander and fur. Due to the gentleness of the Labradoodle, anyone that owns the dog will have a guide dog for life. The dog will take care of you in a certain way. It’s something that has been observed among the Labradoodles.

Just What You Need

The Labradoodle isn’t your average dog. It is the best dog breed which one could possibly get. It has all the best qualities that are found in a Labrador retriever and has the looks as well as gentleness of a poodle. If gentle dogs are your thing, then the Labrador wouldn’t disappoint you. Since, the first Labradoodle breed was made, it has quickly become popular and even celebrities can be found accompanying a Labradoodle.

The Labradoodle is friendly and will ensure that your time with the dog is pure joy. It can sense your mood and will always try to cheer you up. The dog has a long life which can exceed 10 years and that is also a reason why you should your very own Labradoodle.